A testimonial in 2018 from Gary Johnson, past chair of the Colorado Mountain Club (CMC) Boulder Group:

Rick Casey has been instrumental in the success of the Colorado Mountain Club (CMC) Boulder Group information technologies. As our current webmaster, Rick manages a complex system which interfaces with databases, email servers, and other systems to serve our members and volunteers. Rick expanded our web presence to Facebook and Meetup where he has served as our organizer and moderator. The quality of service, dedication to details, and contribution of new ideas that Rick provides to our organization is consistently outstanding.

(Unfortunately, the activity of the Boulder CMC group has diminished since I was active with them in the 2003 to 2013 time frame, then continued as the webmaster from 2013 to 2018; but it was an experience I deeply valued, and enjoyed contributing to, from helping to build their website, organize the club’s emails, helping with the Cabins Committee and, especially, teaching in the rock, ice and snow climbing schools! –Rick)