Infocoach offers an array of services to help your company adhere to privacy laws and improve your data management to help achieve your company’s objectives.

  • Data Privacy compliance

    Data privacy is a rapidly evolving field in the US. Infocoach can help your company with its data compliance needs. 


  • DevOps services

    DevOps basically means automating manual, repetitive processes in software, whether this is a product delivery or reports based on data; both require publication and delivery via websites.

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  • Database Development

    Databases often play a mission critical role in an organization’s mission, and as such require constant maintenance. When major changes affect an organization, this can affect their database as well.

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About the coach

Greetings, and thanks for reading more about me.

My background career was in custom software development, in a variety of positions among economic consulting, small businesses, academic research and other positions in the private sector companies of all sizes.

I am now headed in the direction of data privacy, where I want to use my technical skills to assist companies in the data compliance and data protection, and keep up with the evolving policy issues around data privacy on my blog.

Degrees: MA, Economics, University of Pennsylvania; MS, Telecommunications, University of Colorado at Boulder

Certifications: OneTrust Certified Privacy Professional, 2/1/21. Studying for the CIPT from the IAPP.

Organizations: IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals) since 1/1/20.


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